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WCART provides a variety of services directed toward personal and corporate physical safety and security. We provide workable solutions through our consultation process and realistic training for individuals and corporate employees. Some specific services include:
  • WorkSafe
    Our WorkSafe consultations concentrate on identifying and reducing threats and vulnerabilities that may lead to corporate loses and litigation, and the writing of corporate action plans. Our training program cover such topics as workplace violence, sexual harrassment, disaster response training, and security training.
  • WomanSafe
    Personal self defense and self protection training designed specifically for today's woman. Sixteen week group sessions are provided with emphasis on what to do in the workplace and home environments in order to protect oneself using realistic and workable defense and protection techniques.
  • ElderSafe
    Ten hour programs presented to anyone 55 and older. ElderSafe programs are designed to provide seniors with the knowledge to avoid financial and other scams, and how to create an accident free home life.

You may also reach us via email at pmrii@wcart.net or 828.890.8058.

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